Grievance Redress Mechanism

How to Inform Government of India for your genuine problem – Grievance Redress Mechanism

Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government how to use it to address your real problem explained this is what i am going to explain you in simple terms with step by step procedure.

Many times in life we are in a situation when nobody is helping and we are in situation where we need our work to be done quickly by the government department but it is not going in that way or right direction, instead we are going government offices every day just to check our work is done or not.
May be a situation when somebody is harassing you and not getting your work done.

Grievance Redress Mechanism

We feel helpless in such situations and it looks like we have lost all. No worries guys many of you are not aware that government of India has Grievance Redress Mechanism which is actively working on the genuine complaints.

Directly doing tweet for small problems try this mechanism to lodge a complaint and see the results. My personal experience says.

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is the chief coordinating agency
for redress of public grievances arising from the work of Ministries/Departments and other Organizations
of Government of India.

Grievance Redress Mechanism

According to the allocation of Business Rules 1961 the main functions of the
Department in the sphere of redress of public grievances are as follows:
Policy and coordination of issues relating to:

1. Redress of Public Grievances in general, and
2. Grievances pertaining to Central Government Agencies

If you have a real genuine problem then only please logged the complaint otherwise the department will not entertain your complain.

PGPORTAL site to lodge the complaint

You will get reply within 3 days for complaint acknowledgement, however solution may take maximum 3 months, but surely the problem will be solved.

In my video I am going to guide you like how to lodge a complaint easily on the website. Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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