What is Google Drive or Gdrive – Complete Tutorial

What is Google Drive or Gdrive – Complete Tutorial

What is Google Drive or Gdrive, how to use it efficiently, how does it work this is what I am going to explain you in simple terms so that you should be able to use it easily.

Many people approximately every third person in the world would be having Gmail account the service provided by the google.

However many of them would not be knowing that google apart from Gmail provides many tools and software’s which are free so that we can make our life easier and less hectic.


One the tool\software I am going to talk about the Google Drive or G-Drive both are the same no difference buddy and people would be using it many of them but they would not be aware about the tips and tricks by which we can make more productivity and easy our life by just some simple tips.

Just in brief let me tell you what is exactly google drive and from where it had come. Do you know what is cloud storage if you can check my other video on my YouTube channel and can get knowledge in simple terms like what is cloud computing and how it affects our life, its features and benefits you will get to know what is cloud storage.


However just a small summary cloud storage is nothing but storing files documents online and accessing\editing\sharing it over internet and many more things you can do with cloud storage.

One of the big player in terms of cloud storage I would say is Google which provides Google Drive\G-Drive to us. Google also provides the space on its cloud platform so that we can store our emails, google drive data and photos easily.


Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by company google to store your files and folders and access them online from anywhere whether it’s a desktop\laptop\mobile\tablet.

Google drive also lets you to create and edit documents like word document, spreadsheet like excel sheets, presentations like PPT files, forms, drawings, sites, your maps etc.

15 GB data storage is free of cost for every google account.
The free storage of google 15 GB is utilised for the below three google products only
• Google Drive
Google Photos
• Gmail

In my video I am going to tell you that what is google drive, how to use it efficiently, all tips and tricks which can make our life easier.

As all things cannot be explained in a blog\article\video description so I have created videos so that you can see the features and all tips and tricks in alive demonstration.

Some Important information

Google Drive Website

Gdrive Desktop Software download

Restore files with the help of google support

Few Keyboard shortcuts

Shift + t = Create new document.
Shift + p = Create new presentation.
Shift + s = Create new spreadsheet.
Shift + f = Create new folder
/ = Search your Drive.
v = Switch between grid and list in items view
d = Show or hide details pane
i = Show or hide activity pane
delete = delete the selected file or folder

All Keyboard shortcuts

You can check my presentation also

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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