android device manager

Find and Secure lost android devices – android device manager

Find and secure lost android devices using android device manager this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi.

Today approximately 80% people use android devices, in the form of mobile devices.

We have seen that people store personal information and pictures\videos on the android phones. Suppose your phone is lost what will you do and there is a chance of getting hacked what will you do then.

android device manager

Your personal data is at risk and it may get into the hands of bad people and may be misused.

To avoid that google came out with a solution which is known as android device manager. You can say android device manager is like an app available to find apple devices named find my iphone.

You can locate your device online, track your device where it is, also you can ring it for five minutes so that the person holding the device will be alerted.

android device manager

There is also a good option to lock your mobile remotely and send the message on mobile screen so that person holding the mobile can return the mobile to you by sending the call button on screen which he will dial, the number which he will dial will be your number which you have provided in the application, so that person holding the mobile may return your mobile.

android device manager

Another thing if the person is not dialing the number which you have provided or ignoring the call you can remotely wipe the device completely, your phone will be completely erased.

Android Device Manager

To see how it works you can watch my video below

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