Public Distribution System India

What is ePDS – Public Distribution System India – Explained – In Hindi

What is ePDS – Public Distribution System India this is what I am going to explain you in simple language and with complete details.

The online public distribution system(PDS) known as ePDS portal facilitates the supply of essential commodities and food grains to a large number of poor people through a network of fair rice shops at subsidized rates as set by government of India.

This brings transparency in our system to stop leakages and make people associated with supply chain more accountable.

Public Distribution System India

Even the digitization of Ration card is in progress and now a days you can apply for ration card only you can download eRation card from internet. Currently only few stated are providing this facility however more states are joining in this.

Main Features of ePDS

  1. Information on policies related to PDS (Central as well as State schemes).
  2. Prices of commodities distributed as part of PDS system
  3. Allocation and offtake details of commodities.
  4. Storage capacity of National and state godowns
  5. PDS stakeholders information – state and national level
  6. PDS beneficiaries register and ration card information
  7. Fair price(Or Ration Card) shop details
  8. Links to PDS related websites of various States

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