How to Enable Adsense on Blogger

How to Enable Adsense on Blogger

How to enable adsense on blogger this is what I am going to explain you in my language.

As well all know that AdSense is a google product which can be linked easily to your YouTube or blogger account and it display ads on your YouTube channel or on your blogger account which we can say monetization and gives real money in our account.

However to enable AdSense you require content either on your YouTube channel or your blog account which you want to link.

enable adsense on blogger

There are certain policies to get enable screen of AdSense on your blog account, which are like the blog account should be 6 months old, you should be 18 years old, you should comply to polices etc.

You can check the eligibility.

I am making this video to show you that I have got the AdSense option under earning tab now, which I was not getting earlier when I started blogging its almost around 30 day I would say, I checked it yesterday and to my surprise in earning it was showing to configure AdSense with my blog account.

enable adsense on blogger

The one thing I understand that you should continuously write the blogs and it should be under the YouTube policies. So they can enable AdSense on your account and six months’ time is not final limit.

Please watch my complete video for better understanding.

I hope you will like the video.

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