digital saksharta abhiyan

dSaksharta – Digital Literacy – digital saksharta abhiyan – Free Online Training By Microsoft

dSaksharta – digital saksharta abhiyan or Digital Literacy, free online training by Microsoft this is what i am going to tell you about with its complete details and step by step instructions.

Digital Literacy Curriculum is for anyone with basic reading skills who wants to learn the fundamentals of computer technology.

The curriculum is written at a reading level similar to that of most newspapers around the world. Learners who complete the curriculum will understand basic computing concepts and skills.

digital saksharta abhiyan

E-learning combines text, simulations, animations, games, and hands-on activities to provide a rich learning experience for different types of learners.

The course main aim is to provide knowledge on basics of digital literacy from using the Internet, to sending e-mail, to creating a résumé, the Digital Literacy Curriculum helps you develop the essential skills you need to begin using computer with confidence. Even if you want to take the course online you can and if you don’t want to take the course online you can download that courses.

digital saksharta abhiyan

After learning you can take assessment or tests of each course and there is one online “Digital Literacy Certificate” test which you can take after completing all the courses.

Courses are available in English, Thai, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Polish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, UK English, Portuguese, Greek, Hindi, and Irish languages.

digital saksharta abhiyan

Courses Offered

  • Advanced Curriculum
  • Build your business
  • Windows 8 and Office 2013
  • Windows 7 and Office 2010

Main Website of dsaksharta

How to Apply

  1. Open the above website
  2. Go to courses section
  3. Select your course
  4. Enrol in the course using your Microsoft\live ID(or you can create it easily)
  5. Take the course
  6. Take the assessment

Disclaimer: Above data has been taken from government website for informative and education purposes.

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