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Website Authority Checker – PA, DA and SPAM Score

Today I am going to tell you how to check your website PA(Page Authority), DA(Domain Authority) and your site is SPAM or not. Basically about Domain Authority Checker we will see.

There are many websites to check PA and DA however the term originated from company or website naming MOZ.

PA(Page Authority)

is you can say that how influential is your website page to the users.

DA(Domain Authority)

depends on many factors like how old is your domain, how many quality back links your site have and many more.

Domain Authority Checker

The higher the PA and DA the website will rank more in google you can say.

However there is another thing which you can check from the MOZ site is SPAM score meaning how many SPAM links are on your site, the more low is it the better is for your site.

As you can see that I have check the MOZ score from open site explorer for a very popular website i.e for

You can see the PA and DA if its more than 20 its very good site, you can see that PA and DA for is more than 60 which is very good.

You can also see SPAM score is 1 out of 10 which is Good it’s should not be greater than 2 because due to excessive spam links your site can be penalized and can be disappeared from the Google slowly.

If you are purchasing new domain you should check it before, and for new domains the score might be 1 and 1 for both PA and DA which should be meaning domain is absolutely new.

Domain Authority Checker

However free version of MOZ allows only 5 sites to be checked at once, so you can check PA and DA from other sites as well. Some of them are



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