Creating an ecommerce store on WordPress easily

Creating an ecommerce store on WordPress easily

So today we are going to install ecommerce store on WordPress and will configure our store as per requirements.
This series is in continuation from the last video.

Although it’s very easy to create a ecommerce store on WordPress but to know all the things and manage is a little bit complex. The main USP of WordPress is its free to use and due to which many of the companies are creating plugins and themes for free for this platform.

ecommerce store

Activities which we are going to perform today are as below

1. Default installation of WordPress (I have already discussed the domain and hosting part in a separate video).
2. Installation of Storefront theme
3. Installation of woocommerce
4. Cleanup of unwanted things in wordpress
5. Configuration of basic settings of woocommerce
6. Adding simple product
7. Adding a variable product
8. Configuration of accepting payments using paypal.

Rest of the activities will be covered in next video as I don’t want to create a long video today 🙂

You will be amazed by checking all my videos that it’s very easy to create an ecommerce store.

So let’s get started

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