How to Create Free Logo Online

How to Create Free Logo Online

Today we will talk about on how to create free logo online fast and easily.

I have seen many sites which provides you to create free logo however when you try to download it, its asks money for the same.

Even some sites will give you free download of the logo which you have created online, but the download file its provides is of very low resolution.

How to Create Free Logo Online

If you are starting your business and want to create a free logo online than there is a website provided by Shopify, which is absolutely free of cost and provides you to download high resolution of your logo free.

Not only this it even provides you many things which are very useful when you create social media pages of your brand or company.

It gives that cover pages with logo.

For example when you download your logo it will provide you below things:

  • Facebook cover photos
  • Facebook profile image
  • Favicon image
  • Instagram profile image
  • LinkedIn banner images
  • LinkedIn profile image
  • Your original logo
  • Transparent copy of your logo
  • Pinterest board image
  • Pinterest profile image
  • Twitter header images
  • Twitter profile image
  • YouTube profile image

You can see that so many things and free to download ๐Ÿ™‚

The website i am talking about to create logo online and free is

 How to Create Free Logo Online

If you want a tutorial on how to create logo using above website, you can check the below YouTube video for the same.

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