What is Email – How to create email account – In Hindi

What is Email – How to create email account – In Hindi

What is Email – How to create email account this is what I am going to explain you in hindi in simple language so that anybody can create his\her email account.

Today everybody has a email account or we can say email id, approximately everybody knows, but people in villages do not know what is email account and how to use it.

What is email – email full form is electronic mail, which is used for communication.

In earlier days the communication was done basically by using writing letters and sending emails, however as time got changed and as per technological advancement, email was developed. Email is basically used to communicate to any person or any organization.

create email account

The person who will send the email and who will receive the email should have an email address which will be created when we create email id.

Email address will be in the form as mentioned below:

<Unique Identifier>@<email name of service provider>.com

Unique Identifier will be any name or any combination of name letters, alphabets, or numbers which you want to use in your email id.

Email service provider are the companies of which you are creating email id.

.com is the domain name it can be changed as per company providing email address like it can be .co.in or .org etc. you can read more on internet about this.

create email account

Currently the top free email service providers are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.
Email names of above service providers are as below:


In this video I am going to show you how to create email id for Gmail, yahoomail and outlook and how to use it to send the email to some person or organization.

These email accounts are completely free for lifetime for an average user.

create email account

This video I am creating for the people who does not know how to create email account like old age people and the people who are residing in villages.

You can check our presentation also.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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