How to create a blog site for free

How to create a Blog Site for free

How to create a blog site for free this is what i am going to explain you with step by step instructions.

Sometimes we want to say something to the world or to the group of people, it may be your experience or we can say the learning we have done in the life, it can be learning of your job also.

To share it with people we can create a website named as blog site, the things we share on regularly basis is called a blog. The blog site is quite different from other websites, in blog sites as mentioned we can update anything on daily basis like any experience any knowledge we gain.

how to create a blog site for free

Today you will find enormous amount of blog sites and the two main platforms on which the blog sites run in the world today is WordPress or blogger by google.

The person or individual who runs the blog website is called a blogger, however the blog site can be run by a group of persons as well.

Today it’s not very difficult to create a blog site, it’s very easy and completely free from blogger which is a product of google like YouTube, Gmail etc.

how to create a blog site for free


Creating a website and sharing things is free in google blogger. You can create your blog website in seconds and make it running within seconds, also the posts you publish goes online in seconds.

In my video I will tell you about what is blog, what is blogger, how to create a blog site for free from blogger, how to update the templates and many useful things.

So let’s get started.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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