create android app free

Create Android App Free – Step by Step Instructions

How to Create Android App Free for any website, this is what I am going to explain you with step by step instructions and with live demo.

Many times we have a curiosity that the mobile app which I am using in my mobile, how can we build that easily, how to create it, how to build it easily. But many people just left that thought and move on, they obviously thinking about the coding which need to be done to build the mobile app.

create android app free


However there is a way to build the app freely for any of your website just by a single click and it will be ready to be uploaded on android store. It’s easy, simple and quick method to build the app.


While searching for the app makers I came across many mobile app makers but many were having tedious process or the user interface I found complex, while some of them were very easy to use and was providing good level of functionalities.

create android app free


I found one website which is absolutely free to create a android app from any of the website, you will just have to follow few steps as mentioned below.


The website I am gonna use to build the app is Web2Apk.


Create Android App Online in one single step

You just fill a simple form including your website URL and the necessary text in order to customize some message boxes within the app. This website will create the App and give you a link for you to download it. This resulting App will be ready to be published by you in your Google Play account or your own website.

create android app free


Why ?

The number of mobile devices with full web browsing capability is growing in such a way that right now Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. are playing their battleground over the mobile market. So it figures that anything you can do to place your website in those millions of devices, is a good thing.


To publish the app on google playstore, you will have to login with your google\gmail account then you will have to pay 25$ one time registration free, after that you can publish any app.


Google developers console


Instructions to register on google developers console


Mobile app upload and publish instructions


Please watch the video completely to understand properly.

If you face any issue you can always check Google Developers on twitter

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