Divyang Sarathi

Opportunities for Disabled People – NHFDC and Divyang Sarathi

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0Today I am going to discuss about a website named NHFDC (National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation) and Divyang Sarathi which is very useful for disabled people who are searching for programs running by central governments. Main Features of NHFDC Self-Employment Loan and Education Loan SKILL Training Scheme Micro Credit Scheme (MCS) Scholarship Schemes As …

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UMANG App – Best Government Mobile App Till Date

+1 Tweet Share1 Share PinShares 1Today we will discuss about the UMANG App which has been released by government of India and provides numerous features related to government scheme and other things which we will discuss today. As name suggests UMANG App looks like very promising from end user perspective and has many features for which you don’t have to …

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eProcurement Portal

eProcurement Portal – How to get details about Government Tenders

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0Today we will see how to get details about Government tenders using eProcurement Portal Many times we want to look for government tenders to bid on them and get the project, if working as start-up or if already running a successful business. As government is focusing more on open market for this so there is …

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Jansunwai Portal

Jansunwai Portal – Inform Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister about your problem – eSamvad

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0Today I will show you how you can easily lodge a complaint about any Uttar Pradesh public service department or person, even you can give suggestion to our chief minister of Uttar Pradesh by Jansunwai Portal Uttar Pradesh Government recently launched the web portal known as jansunwai portal and a mobile app for the problems(grievances) …

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