How to Cancel GST Registration Online

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

Today i will discuss about How to Cancel GST Registration Online easily with complete step by step instructions.

I wanted to start my online business and at that time government recently bought GST, which not only bought disrupt the functioning of all business but also was very new concept to India.

Many people were not aware that every business need to do registration under GST if they fulfill certain criteria.They also have to file gst returns on time and it depends on business to business to which return they need to file.

As i told in my earlier posts also that if you are doing any kind of business you are liable to be registered under GST and need to pay tax.

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However later on i did some selling on amazon and did filed returns for three consecutive quarters.

I was just filing the returns on gst portal but not selling anything really.So i decided to cancel the registration which i have taken from Gurgaon (Haryana). I even shifted my home from gurgaon to Greater Noida West which is located in Uttar Pradesh.

Ideally if i need to do business i need to have GST number from Uttar Pradesh now, i cant use that of Haryana.Sadly,I was thinking that why i registered my GST from Haryana.

There are many things related to GST like what is input tax credit which i have explained in my previous post related to GST.

Now here the question arises if you are not able to do enough business then how to close the gst number or i can say how to close the gst registration online.Its very easy to file application for cancellation of registration and that to online.

Now lets see how to close gst account online.

First Login to GST portal

Go to Services and then Click on Application for Cancellation of Registration as shown in picture below

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

After this you will get a form in which you will some default information already filled up like GSTIN number, business name, along with business address.

You also get 15 days to complete this application.

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

If you scroll down on the page you get a option to fill Address for future correspondence. If you have relocated the business or if you have changed the address fill this option. If you have not just click on checkmark of Address Same as above.

After filing the address click on SAVE & CONTINUE

How to Cancel GST Registration Online India

On next page you will have to specify the reason for closure of GST number.As I have chosen discontinuance of business / closure of business.

if you have any other reason you can use the same or if the reason is not as per your understanding you can choose others and define the reason.

Hey you will see financial year for which your filing the application and last return filing date. So basically what you have to do is that you have to file all your GST returns before applying for closing the GST number.

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

On next page you will see the details related to any taxes if you have to pay you will get option to create a challan here.

Even you can adjust your liability directly here. So it’s better and my advice to you that file all the returns and if you have any late fees just paid it and then apply for this closure of GST number.

On this page just I am clicking on save and continue.

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

Now where you have to select the authorised signatory and click on the checkbox which is given. Fill the place information which you have filled in the correspondence address as same.

You get two options to complete this application using by DSC or by EVC method. I was getting only DSC option highlighted so I have to use that and click on that.

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

how to cancel gst registration online

After successfully using the digital signature you will get a success message as shown in the picture below

how to close gst account india

Even you will get a SMS on the mobile number which you have provided by filling up the form in which you will get ARN number by which you can track your application.

how to close gst account online

To track the application using ARN you will again have to go in the services section and click on track my application. Where you will get a screen as shown below in which you have to put the ARN number or you can put a submission period so as shown.

You can see it showing the status as pending for processing and its assigned to Centre basically it’s assigned to central government.

how to close gst number

Now you can sit back and relax for few days and it will be around you know maximum to maximum for 30 to 45 days you will get a confirmation message for the application approval on your SMS

You can also track the same using ARN number and can get the details that your GST number has been closed.

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

The status will show as approved. That means your application has been approved and your GST number has been closed for that state.

How to Cancel GST Registration Online

Again if you want to apply you can apply for a fresh GST number for that a state if you are residing there or you can apply for some other state if you want to come to new your business from another state in which you are residing or you are doing business.

this is the complete procedure which I have shared above solve the problem of how to close GST account India.

However I would like to remind you few things while applying for the closure it’s better to take precaution rather than care, I mean to say that file all your returns properly don’t have anything pending on your side.

As per process it take around 30 days but as per my experience it took around 40 days for my GST number closer.

If you want to learn more on GST you can watch my other videos and can read other posts as well by searching the term GST on my website.

GST or Goods and Services Tax is a multistage destination based tax system which is applicable when any value addition to the goods or service is done.

CGST : Revenue collected by central government

SGST : Revenue collected by state government for Within state sales

IGST : Revenue collected by central government for outside state sales

What is Input Tax Credit

To make sure that tax is levied only on the amount of value addition at each stage of the supply chain, credit for the taxes paid at the previous stage is granted.

Who is liable to pay GST

Businesses and traders with annual sales above Rs20 lakh are liable to pay GST. The threshold for paying GST is Rs10 lakh in the case of northeastern and special category states. GST is applicable on inter-state trade irrespective of this threshold.

Products not covering under GST

Crude oil, diesel, petrol, natural gas and jet fuel are temporarily kept out of GST. Liquor is kept out of GST as a constitutional provision and hence it would require an amendment to Constitution if it is to be brought into GST.

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