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How To Buy Sell Website – Mobile App – Domain Name – Easily

How To Buy Sell Website, Mobile App and Domain Name online easily this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi

Many times we thought of creating a business website or mobile app, or sometimes we buy a domain name which we don’t often used it and it becomes waste for us.

However there may be situations when we have an idea and we want to start business asap without having to create a website or mobile app , isn’t it would be great if we can buy a website or mobile app that’s already be built by someone we just have to run on our name.

buy sell website

It will be time saving and cost saving for us, the starting time to start our new Startup would be very much less compared to the time spent in building these things.

Even if we want to purchase those domains which are already been bought by someone else or we look for some popular names which we can use to start our business.

buy sell website


All these things can be sorted by many websites like Flippa, Sedo etc.

However the most popular in the market today providing all these services is Flippa.

buy sell website

Using Flippa you can purchase the domains which are sell by other users or you can sell your own purchased domain if not using it. Same thing for websites you can sell your own made Website\Mobile App either it’s an established Website\Mobile App or a new website\Mobile App easily.

Flippa Link

Sedo Link

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