Note Taking Mobile Apps

Best Note Taking Mobile Apps

Best note taking mobile apps I am going to share with you which I use to take notes or list in Hindi.

Every person in earlier days would have used the pencil\pen with paper to make the notes, if any important information you want to capture suddenly or in the class. It can be a to do list or a simple checklist of the items which you would like to list it down.

May be you want to purchase something for the market or may be a important phone number or may be a small part of the lecture.

Note Taking Mobile Apps
We have moved in a new digital world and it’s very difficult now a days to get time to take the notes using pencil or pen on paper.

We are now a days using mobile phone to capture moments of life and all the tasks which were earlier difficult to perform physically or manually now needs very little time and resource when using your smartphone.

So in the case of taking notes, it’s very easy to take the notes on mobile and when you have lot of options in app store it’s very difficult to choose which app should I use to take notes.

Note Taking Mobile Apps

However as per my experience and I have seen many note taking mobile apps and I tried to use each and every so that I can see which one is fats to use and take notes or to prepare a to do list or checklist within seconds, Now hold one I am not talking about the apps which are provided by larger companies like Evernote, OneNote or Keep by google.

My main moto was to find out the app which is useful in situations where you have to take a note in an emergency situation or you need to write something by just opening your mobile when you add the widget on your android mobile.

Note Taking Mobile Apps

I will be showing you two such apps which I think would be easy to use by anyone and should be easily accessible. I will show you how to install them and use them in best possible way as they should be.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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