Best and Free File Sync Software – Live Demo – Step By Step – In Hindi

Best and Free File Sync Software – Live Demo – Step By Step – In Hindi

Today I am going to present the best and free file sync software with a live demo and with detailed step by step presentation of how to use it.


Many times we need to synchronize some folders when we wanted to take backup or wanted to do free file sync by any other reason. One of the most important reason is the backup.


Whenever we want to take backup of our personal files or folders we attach an external hard drive on our computer and start copying the folders. It’s not difficult but it’s very difficult to track if copying is halted in between.


There are many software’s which helps you to synchronize your data however one of the most popular and free software which I have personally used is FreeFileSync.


This is most easiest software to use in the market and its features are like of a paid software. It gives a bit of all details to synchronize your data easily and effectively but also you can run multiple jobs from a single console. You can also do mirroring of data among two different folders at different locations also basically synchronization of data in remote locations.


Download FreeFileSync


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