Make your life easier by saying Ok Google – Android Voice Assistant

Make your life easier by saying Ok Google – Android Voice Assistant

Make your life easier by saying Ok Google, yes you are right I am going to show you how you can easy our life by google voice assistant or android voice assistant

Google Now’s “OK Google” voice search is a virtual assistant that provides with what you need to know, when you need to know it and also performs actions based on your request.

Whether you’re checking the weather, setting reminders, getting flight information ,calling somebody, sending text message all can be done just by using your commands issued by your voice.
Voice recognition is something that we take it for granted, but this can make our life easier not only when we driving our car but also when we are busy in doing something and we don’t want to open our phone and do the thing on mobile just by our voice.

This android assistant is super-easy to use and you can even use while driving as well.

android voice assistant

 Google Now is Google’s answer to Siri. 

Android voice assistant commands work via the Google Now app, which is available for Android and iOS, though it does come pre-preinstalled on most Android devices.

However you can install the Google Now on any android phone and make it work. It integrates well with Google’s services to provide you with updates and other information as per your preferences.

Google Now (alternatively known as ‘Ok Google’) has improved a lot since its launch.

Here are the list of commands which are very useful in our day to day life and the ones which are working in our Indian accent and google is providing answers by voice only

android voice assistant

General information commands

How old is [Person Name]?
Where was [Person Name] born?
Define [Any word]
Synonyms for [word]
What time is it in [City Name]?
Search for [any hobby tips]
Show me pictures of [Anything]
What’s the weather in [City Name]this weekend?
What the [Company name] stock price?
What’s [180 km] in [miles]? – Conversion
What’s [200] divided by [2]? – Maths
Square root of [441]” – Maths
Who invented [item]?
who wrote [book title]?
How do i [Task]
What is the population of [Place\Country\State]?
How many calories are in [insert food item]?

Device control commands

Open [gmail]
Open [Website name]
Take a picture or Take a photo
Record a video
Turn [on / off] [Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flashlight, Airplane mode]
Volume [Sound Number 1-35(depend on phone)]
Turn [on / off] mute
Increase/decrease brightness

Productivity commands

Set an alarm for [6:00 am]
Wake me up in [6 hours etc.]
What is the alarm set for tommorow?
Set a timer for [30 minutes]
Start a list (Works with google keep app)
Create a calendar event: [Appointment with doctor, Date]
When’s my next meeting?
Set a Reminder – Remind me to [buy vegetable at 7pm]
Remind me to [buy clothes at Reliance trends at ambience mall]
What are the reminders for tommorow? or Can you tell me my reminders for tommorow [Next weekend]
Make a note or Note to self – Works with many applications like evernote, onenote etc and even you can email the notes.
Find [Person name] Phone number
Find [Shop\bank name] phone number
Find [Person name] email address

android voice assistant

Communication commands

Show me my last message or last messages [follow voice details]
Call [Person name] or you can call in your relations like Call my father\Mother\Brother\Sister\Wife
Call [Person name] on speakerphone
Send text message by just saying- Text [Person name] [message]
Send email by just saying – Send email to [Person Name] if two many person name appears select by saying firts one\second one or third one etc.
Post to [Twitter]
Lanuguage translate – What is [language] for “Message”
Send a message to Whatsapp or any other app: Send a whatsapp message to [Person Name]

Navigation and Travel commands

Where is the nearest [chinese restaurant]? or I am hungary(shows nearby restaurants)
Navigate to [location, city name]
Directions to home\work [Set your home\work location first]
Where is [particular hotel\restaurant\mall]?
Map of [city or specific location in a city]
How do I get to [destination] by [walking, bike, bus, train, etc.]?
What’s the traffic like on the way to [Location\Building\Work\Home]?
Show me my flight info(If you have booked recently it will fetch data from gmail)
Where’s my hotel? (If you have booked recently it will fetch data from gmail)
How far is [address, city, or other location]?
How far is [place name] to [place name]?
What is [5000 currancy name] in [currancy name]?
What’s the flight status of [Airline name [number]?
Show me restaurants near my hotel(If you have booked recently it will fetch data from gmail)
Give me directions back to my hotel (If you have booked recently it will fetch data from gmail)
Translate [phrase or word] to [language]
Show me [honeymoon, holiday etc.] destinations.
What time is it in [city]?
When is the sunset [in delhi(place name)]?
When is the sunrise [in gurgaon(place name)]?
Is it going to rain [tommorow, next week etc.]
What is the timezone of [place or country name]
When is [Republic, childrens day etc] Day?

Entertainment commands

Play some music (opens Google Play Music) Next Song / Pause Song /Stop Song
What songs does [artists] sings?
What movies are playing [tonight]? (Near your location) or Movie showtimes or What’s playing?
Show me the trailer for [movie title].
Play me a video of [any person or video song name]

Sports commands

Just say any team name with sports name you will get latest information about scores.
Get sports schedule – Next test match between india(team name) and england(team name)
for which team [player name] played for?
Who won the last (tournament name)?

Funny stuff commands

Flip a coin
Roll dice
What is the loneliest number?
Do a barrel roll!

Please watch both the videos PART-1 and PART-2 completely for better understanding and live demo of above commands.

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