Agmarknet – Agricultural Marketing Information Network – Details – Explained

Agmarknet – Agricultural Marketing Information Network this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi today.

There are many websites and agriculture apps india which provides information on the agriculture market prices its trends and other various aspects of information. However to get the authentic information you will have to sometime move over to government data.

Agmarknet portal does one such thing which is directly connected to mandis\agriculture markets all over India which easily call it as e mandi.

The AGMARKNET portal is also serves as a single window for assessing websites of various organization concerned with Agricultural Marketing. It also provides weekly price trend report for important markets in respect of major agricultural commodities. It is linked with the Online Exchange Portals for providing spot and future prices for important commodities. International price trends of various agricultural commodities are also accessible through this portal. The best part it provides mandi rates.


Benefits\Objectives of Agmarknet

  • To establish a Nation-wide market information Network for speedy collection
  • To facilitate collection and dissemination of information related to better price dissemination of market information and data for its efficient and timely utilization. realization and market access by the farmers. This would cover:
  1. Market related information
  2. Price related information
  3. Infrastructure related information
  4. Market requirement related information
  • To sensitize and orient farmers to respond to new challenges in agricultural marketing by using IT as a vehicle of extension.
  • To improve efficiency in agricultural marketing through regular training and extension for reaching region- specific farmers in their local language.
  • To provide assistance for marketing research to generate market information for its dissemination to farmers and other market functionaries at grass root level to create an ambience of good marketing practices in the country


• The information relating to the Schemes in respect of agricultural marketing implemented by the Government Departments and central agencies. Once the farm produce is standardized and labelled, backed by quality certification, it can be directly offered for sale on spot exchange in national and international markets.

Agmarknet Portal

DMI Portal

Market Information about the price and arrival etc. for the agricultural produce is very vital to the farmers taking proper production and marketing decisions.

Disclaimer: Above data has been taken from government website for informative and education purposes.Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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