All About Aadhaar Services – You Must Know

All About Aadhaar Services – You Must Know

Today I will show you how to check bank account linking status Lock/Unlock Biometrics – Authentication History and Verification – Aadhaar Services.

Many people are not aware that you can easily check that which bank account is easily link with your Aadhaar card and from where your Aadhaar card has been authenticated in last few days or months.

To check we will go to the resident.uidai.

Aadhaar services on this website

  1. Aadhaar Verification
  2. Lock/Unlock Biometrics (You can also do this in mAadhaar App)
  3. Bank Account Link Status
  4. Aadhaar Authentication History

It’s very easy and each and every person should know about this.

Aadhaar Services

Aadhaar Verification

Let’s first Verify Aadhaar by clicking on that option

Verify Aadhaar

We will get a new page on which we need to provide our Aadhaar number and security code after that we will click on Verify Button.

how to verify aadhaar

We will see that our Aadhaar number is verified and we get some specific information about the person which makes our Aadhaar authentic.

Verified Aadhaar

Lock/Unlock Biometrics

Now let me click on Lock\Unlock Biometrics

how to Lock or Unlock Biometrics

After that on new screen. Enter Aadhaar number as mentioned and enter security code. Now press on send OTP to receive it.

Procedure to lock or unlock biometrics

After getting OTP put it in Enter OTP filed and Click on Login

Lock Biometrics Aadhaar

You will get a new screen on which it will show if your Biometric authentication is disabled or enabled. If disabled I just need to enter security code as mentioned and Click on Enable.

In same way you will disable the biometric authentication.

Lock your biometric authentication aadhaar

Bank Account Link Status

Now let’s check the Bank Account Link status by Clicking on it as shown.Machine generated alternative text: Aadhaar number holders can check if their Bank Accounts are linked to their Aadhaar number O Check Aadnaar-aank Account Linking Status

Check Aadhaar Bank Account Linking Status

A new screen will open on which you will fill your Aadhaar number and request security code. After that a OTP will come on your mobile number which you have to put on Enter OTP filed and Click on Login as ShownMachine generated alternative text: Aadhaar Linking Note: Aadhaar Linking status is fetched from NPCI Server. Check your Aadhaar and Bank Account Linking Status Aadhaar Number UID (1234/1234/1234) Enter Security Code OTP sent to pur Registered Mobile number. Check your mobile. Under any circumstance, UIDAI shall not be responsible or liable for the correctness of the displayed status Further, UIDAI is not storing any information fetched from NPCI server. Reset Marked are mandatory Fields All letters are case sensitive Cancel Enter OTP Unable to View or Read? Another. Login 378516

Bank Account Link Aadhaar

You will get a new screen which will show the bank name with which your Aadhaar card is linked.

Aadhaar Number : Bank Linking Status

Aadhaar Authentication History

Now let’s find the Authentication Logs, Click on Link as Shown

Aadhaar Authentication History

You will again got screen to give your Aadhaar number and security code. After this click on Generate OTP

how to get authentication history of aadhaar

A new screen will pop up on which just Select “ALL” in Authentication Type, Select the date range.

In number of records write 50 as 50 is maximum number of records you can get. Now enter OTP which you receive on mobile and click Submit.

aadhaar authentication history

Now you will see where your Aadhaar card has been used for authentication

Notification data - aadhaar authentication history

However you can also check our detailed video on this

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