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News Talk#49-GST,Tejas,Humsafar,Salaam Network,Airsewa,DDA,Saubhagya Scheme,Apple,demonetisation,UIDAI

News Talk#49-GST,Tejas,Humsafar,Salaam Network,Airsewa,DDA,Saubhagya Scheme,Apple,demonetisation,UIDAI

In today’s News Talk you will see the latest news on GST, Tejas, Humsafar, Salaam Network, Airsewa, DDA, Saubhagya Scheme, Apple, demonetization, UIDAI


  1. More relief for small business in store, hints PM Narendra Modi. November 10 GST council will again meet
  2. New trains announce under Tejas and Humsafar express

New Delhi-Chandigarh Tejas Express

Lucknow Junction-Anand Vihar Terminal Tejas Express

Sealdah-Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express

Anand Vihar Terminal-Allahabad Humsafar Express

  1. Afghanistan has ordered the suspension of WhatsApp and Telegram to resolve “technical problems”. Salaam Network network provider.
  1. 2.24 lakh companies that were recently struck off from the government’s official records for remaining inactive for two or more years, 35,000 deposited and withdrew more than Rs 17,000 crore after demonetisation. Data is based on information about 58,000 accounts received from 56 banks.
  1. Airsewa Portal of Ministry of Civil Aviation to lodge a complaint against any airline.
  1. DDA housing scheme 2017: Applicants can make corrections online till Nov 10
  1. Power ministry has engaged postmen for door-to-door survey to expedite the Saubhagya scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for complete household electrification by December 2018. India Post through its network 1.73 lakh outlets has begun collecting data on un-electrified households spread over three states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Similar initiatives are being launched in Assam and Jharkhand.
  1. Apple company has registered as a recruiter with the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad.
  1. IT Department has picked 20,572 tax returns for “detailed scrutiny” suspecting discrepancies in incomes before and after demonetisation
  1. From 33 crore, over 39% PANs linked with Aadhaar
  1. Income Tax Department has attached benami assets worth Rs 1,833 crore so far as part of its “sustained action plan” against such properties,
  1. Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) has said customers can start linking their mobile number with Aadhaar using a one-time password from December 1. Mobile subscribers cannot do this online. Telecom operators have been directed to offer verification facility to senior citizens as well as those subscribers suffering from any kind of illness or disability

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How to list my business on google - google my business - In Hindi

How to list my business on google – google my business – In Hindi

How to list my business on google site(google my business) how it works will explain you in Hindi

Everybody in today’s world search for any services by going locally to the market and some people who are smart search in google to see any local near buy shop or anything which they need.

Google provides a very easy way to list your any business whether you are a barber, tailor or anybody. Listing business is very useful for the other people to recognise that you are present to him\het nearby and people can easily get in touch with you for their services.

Listing not only benefits you but also the people who does search in google if they are new to the place.

The main benefits of listing your business are:

1. Manage your business information easily.
2. Interaction with customers online.
3. Understand and expansion of presence.
4. Everything in your mobile pocket from listing to manage your information with mobile app.
5. Know yourself by rating from customers.
6. List your phone number and timings of shop\business opening for easiness of customers.

Customer benefits:

1. Easy search for services.
2. Customers can check the photos of your shops to easily recognise in the market.
3. Customers can get phone number of the shop and business start and close timings.
4. Customers can rate the business owners.
5. Customer can easily look out for service owner with good reviews.
6. Customers can get directions to reach the shop from google maps.

Google my business is a free and easy to use tool for business owners, brands, artists, small shop owners who would like their presence to be felt on google search, google maps and google plus.

The main thing to list your business is that its free of cost, it only requires your Google\Gmail account.

If you have previously used these google services by Google Places for Business or Google+ Pages Dashboard to manage your business information, your account would have been automatically upgraded to Google My Business

There is one more benefit is that if you have presence in multiple locations you can do bulk listing of your presence.

Google my business website link

I will guide you how to list your business in google easily what all things need to be done from your side. So please watch the complete video till the end. I will show you both ways to list using the website and mobile as well.

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