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How to create a google site-Website-Tutorial-Step by Step Procedure-100% free-Details-Explained - In Hindi

How to create a google site – Website – Tutorial – Step by Step Procedure – 100% Free – Details – Explained – In Hindi

How to create a google site this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi, step by step procedure,all the details and basically you can call it as design tutorial.

Most of you don’t know that google provides a platform known as google sites to build your website easily, however you will not get much functionality but you can create your website for personal use or for your shop simple putting your contact details and your shop map of google so that people can reach you easily and find you on google.

Google Sites

Google Sites

The google sites is 100% free to use and easy to use, you can create your website without any coding skills. Your content will look best across any device on which you will see your website. Just start building your website by drag and drop. Lots of free templates are there to use.

Google Sites

Google Sites

You can create a simple website for personal, family, shop , a club, class or other group. Whatever your reason for creating a site with Google will probably be able to help you.

The only thing required to create your website is your google or gmail account to sign in and create.

Link to configure custom domain in google sites if you have purchase domain using google domain

I am going to show you step by step procedure to build a website with google sites.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

Yipeeee we have done it!!!!


i have migrated my site from blogger to WordPress hosted on hostgator hosting, it was not easy for me as i am not from development background. However it has taken my one and half day to migrate. Since from yesterday night and today’s full day effort :).

But i am happy very much as the flexibility which WordPress provides i was lacking in WordPress otherwise to learn site development without writing any code, i would say blogger is best.

I will write the blog soon and will produce the video to migrate the site from blogger to WordPress soon

This is not the final version, still some other customization i have to do on this site.

As soon as i will get time i will do that.

By the way thanks guys for all the support 🙂



We are moving to wordpress soon……

Hi Guys,

This site is soon going to be migrated to wordpress soon.
You might feel some issue while accessing while the migration as soon as migration is completed will inform you all users, bear with me 🙂